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Canadian Medico-Legal Experts and Insurance Medical Officers

Block B – Optional Courses (6 cr.)

Option 2 - Advanced Expertise Medicine, part 1 & 2 (6 credits)
MMD6224 : (3 cr.) Advanced Expertise Medicine - Part 1
MMD6225 : (3 cr.) Advanced Expertise Medicine - Part 2

MMD6224 : Advanced Expertise Medicine - Part 1

Click on each chapter for a brief description of the lecture.

MMD6224 - Lecture A01 - Job Demand Analysis

Job Demand Analysis (3hrs)
Ms. Sonia Paquette, Mr. Jim Potvin, Dr. Michel Lacerte

Basic ergonomic knowledge will assist the medicolegal evaluator in his determination whether there is a match between individual work capacity and specific job demands.

MMD6224 - Lecture A02 - Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation (3hrs)
Ms. Sonia Paquette, Dr. Michel Lacerte

Critical appraisal of the different methods of evaluating functional capacity in a medicolegal context. Concepts of reliability and predictive validity will be thoroughly reviewed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A03 - Return to work determination

Return to work determination (3hrs)
Dr. Michel Lacerte, Ms. Susan Stock, Dr. François Sestier

This is a key question of many IME's. How to integrate psychophysical capacity, job demands, reasonable accommodation, psycho-vocational potential, pain issues and contract definitions will be discussed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A04 - Whiplash Associated Disorders, ...

Whiplash Associated Disorders, Temporomandibular Disorder (3hrs)
Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. Jay Mackman, Dr. David Cassidy

Whiplash and TMD are commonly encountered following motor vehicle accidents and are frequently associated with long disability duration. Evidence-based medicine approach to these two conditions will be discussed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A05 - Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction (3hrs)
Dr. Michel Lacerte, Mr. R. D. Michaels, Dr. Francois Sestier

Company restructuring, high performance demands, new technologies, changing demographics all impact on job related stress and satisfaction.

MMD6224 - Lecture A06 - Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse (3hrs)
Dr. J. Sader, Dr. J. Perreault, Dr. F. Sestier

Substance abuse and addiction is often associated with car or work accidents; discovering and taking into account these behaviors and all associated psychiatric co-morbidity is amongst the tasks of the medicolegal evaluator.

MMD6224 - Lecture A07 - Toxicology for the Medical Expert ...

Toxicology for the Medical Expert and Multisensitivity Disorder (3hrs)
Dr. Sidney Siu, Dr. François Sestier

Toxic compound effects should be readily recognized and taken into account by the medicolegal evaluator.

MMD6224 - Lecture A08 - Vibrations, Repetitive Movement ...

Vibrations, Repetitive Movement and Workers Compensation (3hrs)
Dr. Roland Wong, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. Gilles P. Laroche

Cumulative trauma disorders are prevalent in the upper limbs. The evaluation of these common conditions in the context of worker, work and work environment will be reviewed using an evidence-based approach.

MMD6224 - Lecture A09 - Psycho-Emotional Aspects After an Accident

Psycho-Emotional Aspects After an Accident (3hrs)
Dr. Brian Francis Hoffman, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. Francois Sestier

Psycho-emotional consequences of trauma will be discussed in the context of litigation. A methodological approach of PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Pain Disorder and Depression will be addressed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A10 - Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Pain

Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Pain (3hrs)
Dr. Eldon Tunks, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. Francois Sestier

Chronic pain disorder is a major source of prolonged disability. An evidence-based diagnostic and treatment approach will be discussed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A11 - Somatoform Disorder and Malingering

Somatoform Disorder and Malingering (3hrs)
Dr. Thomas G. Gutheill, Dr. David N. Weisstub, Dr. Francois Sestier

Malingering is rare but somatoform disorders aren't often recognized. Malingering and somatoform disorders recognition in the medicolegal context will be discussed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A12 - Mental and Behavioral Impairment

Mental and Behavioral Impairment (3hrs)
Dr. Steven Leclair, Dr. Michel Lacerte

DSM IV use and over or misuse will be discussed in this lecture, with a special mention on personality disorders, and the light they can shed on a medicolegal evaluation.

MMD6224 - Lecture A13 - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (3hrs)
Dr. Lawrence Freedman, Dr. Georges L'espérance, Dr. Michel Lacerte

The evaluation of the presence and consequences of mild traumatic brain injury is a frequent source of dispute. The controversies will be exposed and discussed.

MMD6224 - Lecture A14 - Spinal Disorders

Spinal Disorders (3hrs)
Dr. Georges L'Espérance, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. Jim Sullivan

Spinal disorders are commonly associated with disability. Evaluation of spinal impairment, activity limitations and restriction in social participation will be discussed using an evidenced-based approach.

MMD6224 - Lecture A15 - Examination

Examination (3hrs)

A 3 hour MCQ exam will be offered on internet to validate the learning process.

MMD6225 : Advanced Expertise Medicine - Part 2

Click on each chapter for a brief description of the lecture.

MMD6225 - Lecture B01 - Tips from the Judge

Tips from the Judge (3hrs)
Justice Robert Mongeon, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. François Sestier

A very experienced Superior Court Judge provides advice to medicolegal evaluators in regard to written reports, expert testimony and attitude.

MMD6225 - Lecture B02 - Disability Insurance Jurisprudence

Disability Insurance Jurisprudence (3hrs)
Ms. Helen Sava, Ms. Evelyn Ten Cate

Key court decisions on DI matters are important to master, as they shed a different light on the application of DI contracts.

MMD6225 - Lecture B03 - Independant Medical Examination; ...

Independant Medical Examination; The Regulatory Perspectives (3hrs)
Ms. Michèle Mann, Ms. Katja Lutte

A review of health professionals regulatory colleges positions in regard to IME related codes of ethics and conduct.

MMD6225 - Lecture B04 - Access to Information ...

Access to Information and Privacy Issues for Medical Experts (3hrs)
Mr. Ian Turnbull, Ms. Priscilla Platt

Laws, rulings and jurisprudence regarding confidentiality and access to information are important for the medicolegal evaluator.

MMD6225 - Lecture B05 - Occupational Diseases ...

Occupational Diseases (Pneumo-Dermato-Musculo-Skeletal) (3hrs)
Doctors Denis Sasseville, Sidney Siu, Michel Lacerte, François Sestier, Jordi Cisa, Eric Renaud

Professional and dermatologic respiratory diseases are sometimes objects of litigation. Provincial courts and regulation will be reviewed.

MMD6225 - Lecture B06 - Admissibility of expert testimony ...

Admissibility of expert testimony and weighing medical evidence (3hrs)
Justice Thomas Lederer, Ms. Judith Hall, Ms. Philippa Samworth

Admissibility of Expert Testimony following Daubert and its impact on Canadian Courts.

MMD6225 - Lecture B07 - End of Life issues: ...

End of Life issues: Euthanasia and Therapeutic Futility (3hrs)
Dr. Louise Passerini, Mr. Pierre Deschamps

End of life medical issues and disagreements with families can be the source of litigation. Suggestions will be given on how to approach such difficult ethical and legal dilemmas.

MMD6225 - Lecture B08 - More on Medico-Legal ...

More on Medico-Legal causal analysis (3hrs)
Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. François Sestier

Complex medicolegal causal analysis will be presented from different medical specialties.

MMD6225 - Lecture B09 - Factual Causation

Factual Causation (3hrs)
Dr. Vaughan Black, Dr. Michel Lacerte, Dr. François Sestier

Jurisprudence regarding the "But For" and "Material Contribution" will be presented.

MMD6225 - Lecture B10 - Residual Earning Capacity

Residual Earning Capacity (3hrs)
Ms. Evelyn Ten Cate, Ms. Liz Menard, Ms. Melanie Weller, Dr. Michel Lacerte

This matter has often to be discussed in DI litigious cases.

MMD6225 - Lecture B11 - Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation (3hrs)
Ms. Liz Menard, Ms. Melanie Weller, Dr. Michel Lacerte

All aspects of rehabilitation which might be useful for the medicolegal evaluator will be discussed in this lecture.

MMD6225 - Lecture B12 - Medical Responsibility ...

Medical Responsibility in a University Hospital (3hrs)
Dr. Jacques Guilbert, Dr François Sestier

In a University hospital setting, delegation of decision, technical or surgical procedures to a fellow or a resident, might be at the origin of a legal maze when errors or complications occur.

MMD6225 - Lecture B13 - Ontario Human Right Code

Ontario Human Right Code (3hrs)
Ms. Anne-Marie Frauts, Mr. Pierre Deschamps

Provisions of The Ontario human right code pertinent to medicolegal evaluator will be reviewed. Jurisprudence regarding seriousness of risk and reasonable accommodation will be discussed.

MMD6225 - Lecture B14 - Disability: Professional Aspects ...

Disability: Professional Aspects (Commercial Drivers, Arlines Pilots, Train Engineers) (3hrs)
Doctors Jamie Dow, Edward A. Brook, John W. Cutbill, Francois Sestier

Returning to work as a long-haul truck driver, train engineer, or as an Airline pilot must meet specific criteria.

MMD6225 - Lecture B14b - Pensions, Programs and ...

Dr. Bernard Boutet, Dr. Francois Sestier

Veterans Affairs Canada and the Independent Medical Examiner

MMD6225 - Lecture B14c - Veterans Review & Appeal Board

Veterans Review & Appeal Board (3 hrs)
Mr. F. Comeault, Dr. F. Sestier, Dr. G. Grégoire, Dr. M. Lacerte

Overview of the Board’s review and appeal process. Factors for assessing the credibility of expert medical evidence.

MMD6225 - Lecture B15 - Examination

Examination (3hrs)

A 3 hour MCQ exam will be offered on internet to validate the learning process.

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