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这个项目可以通过远程教育而实现。提供英语,法语两种版本。 英语(2-452-6-4课程),法语(2-454-6-2 课程)。
网上医学保险课程 (英,法),因其实用性,现专门为中国的保险公司设置培训课程。这将有助于他们更好地了解西方国家现行的医学保险模式。更快地掌握医学保险评估和理赔 知识。
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Latest News

EXAM set date summer2011-Session, Aug 28, 2011

Summer2011 Session Exam Date - Sunday August 28, 2011 starting at 12noon until 3pm

Ethics and Canadian Summit 2011 - Sep 9, 2011

Ethics and Canadian Summit 2011
September 9, 2011
University of Montreal
Montreal, Québec

We invite you to come to Montreal on September 9, 2011 for the first Canadian summit on medicolegal expertise. We will discuss different aspects of ethics regarding medicolegal expertise; we will also present a program of maintenance of competence, to satisfy the Royal College of Physicians which opens to the recognition of diplomas as ours (program is attached). Following this summit, Dr Ranavaya, President of the American Board of Independant Medical Examiners (ABIME), will offer a 2-day seminar on the use of the 6th edition of the AMA guide, with a possibility to write the CIME Exam on September 11, 2011.

«I (Dr Francois Sestier) followed this training in February this year and I recommend it to all experts who use the 6th edition.»

Dr Francois Sestier elected CSME's new president

From the President's Desk:

As I embark upon my term as President of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, I have thought carefully about some of the things that I would like to achieve over the course of 12 months.

As an organization dedicated to excellence and standards in the field of Medico-legal expertise, I feel that it is vital for CSME to have a strong voice. Increasing membership across the country is a primary goal. I encourage practitioners of independent medical evaluation to become full members of CSME and I encourage you to promote CSME membership to your colleagues. If each one of you recruits one new member, our membership will double! Our voice and influence as an organization grows louder with numbers!

U of Montreal, MAE program Curriculum on USB Keys

University of Montreal "MAE Program, Curriculum" on USB Keys

You do not have the time to download your lectures: you can now order the shipment of your trimester’s 14 lectures on a USB key; please forward your order to Ms Eva Medalsy together with a check of $250:

News updates

Fall e-newsletter from ICLAM; November 14, 2010

6th edition of the AMA guide for evaluation of permanent impairment can be ordered at:

Clarifications of the 6th Edition of the AMA guide published in August 2008:



Maintenance of Competence (CME Points)

Shanghai, China - October 22, 2010

Shanghai, October 22, 2010: Dr Sestier lectured at the Chinese Insurance Medicine Meeting

Dr Bo, President of the Chinese Insurance Medicine association, invited all the ICLAM bureau members to attend the 3rd Chinese Insurance Medicine conference in Shanghai. Two of the goals of the meeting were to “start insurance physicians training”, and “perfect the system of China Insurance Medicine”. The reality is that the 13,000 full time Chinese Insurance medical officers received no academic training before being hired by Insurance companies. Dr Sestier presented a lecture entitled: “Insurance Medicine: a teaching curriculum on the web; an opportunity for China”, and established contacts with Dr Ho, president of the Chinese Insurance Medicine association, and met key persons in the association, offering to tailor the web-based curriculum to meet the needs of Chinese Insurance Medical Officers.

AIDC2010 Madrid - September 20-25, 2010

Madrid: September 20-25, 2010: Four Canadian Doctors lectured at AIDC2010, the world association of medical impairment evaluation.

Dr Michel Lacerte, CSME member from London, Ontario, participated to three round tables; he lectured on Fibromyalgia, Chronic Neck Pain, and Impairment evaluation guidelines. Dr Jordi Cisa, CSME member from Sudbury, Ontario participated to another round table on Confidentiality. Dr Claude Paquette, SEEMLQ member from Montreal, participated to a fifth round table on post-commotional syndrome. Dr François Sestier, from Montreal, participated to one round table on lectured on the Canadian expert legal liability, and presented 2 free communications. Dr M Ranavaya, president of ABIME lectured on Expert Liability in the USA; he also a delivered a guest lecture entitled: “The new Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition, from the American Medical Association—A paradigm shift”. Dr Sestier was elected president of AIDC and will be responsible for the 4th AIDC meeting (see ). Plans have been developed with Prof. G Marti, to co-promote and exchange lectures with the University of Barcelona Spanish web-based curriculum in Insurance Medicine.

Nimes, France - June 25-27, 2010

Nimes, France, June 25-27: 4th international meeting of francophone experts

Dr Sestier and Justice Veronique Pelletier were invited lecturers at the 4th international meeting of francophone experts. They presented four papers dealing with the Canadian Judicial system, the specifics of the expert testimony in Canada, the duties of the Canadian medical experts, and medical arbitrage in Canada.

Capetown, South Africa - February 7-10, 2010

Capetown, February 7-10, : ICLAM 2010: the world meeting of Insurance Medicine

Dr Sestier was one of the three Canadian Medical Officers to participate to ICLAM2010. He presented a University of Montreal exhibit on the web-based curriculum in Insurance Medicine. Dr F Chouty, the new ICLAM president appointed Dr Sestier as the Canadian representative at the ICLAM bureau.

Basel, Switzerland - January 28, 2010

Basel, Switzerland, January 28, 2010

Dr Sestier was invited at a joint meeting of the Swiss School of Public Health and the Academy of Swiss Insurance Medicine (ASIM). He presented a lecture entitled: « Role of Insurance Medicine teaching for health systems ». Plans were developed with ASIM to co-promote and exchange lectures with the ASIM future web-based Master curriculum in Insurance Medicine.



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