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Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise

Improve the quality of your IMES as well as your reputation as an expert witness!
Although housed at University of Montreal, this program, developed by Dr. Francois Sestier, from University of Montreal, Dr. Michel Lacerte from University of Western Ontario and Dr. Tim Meagher, from McGill University, is a unique Canadian academic effort, with the collaboration of gifted lecturers, from 10 Canadian Universities, 2 American Universities and many other speakers, from diverse backgrounds (see list of speakers).
Unique program in North America
The goal of the University Curriculum in Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise is to provide Health Professionals with a comprehensive educational program which will improve their medicolegal knowledge and skills. This collaborative effort of Canadian and American academics is unique in North America.
The program requires 4 hours of work per week, per lecture (there are 14 lectures per 3 credits course and 9 lectures for the 2 credits course). It consists of one 2 hours lecture and 2 hours of preparatory time, followed by an online written examination, a date will be set before the end of the registered trimester. The formal lectures are web-based and are accessible to students via a password. All written material is available on the web site. This e-learning program provides a large degree of flexibility to the health professionals interested in this curriculum.
The program has been made possible by a major unrestricted support from Canadian Insurance Companies: Great-West-Life, Manulife Financial, Sunlife Financial, Desjardins Financial security, Atlantic Blue Cross, Optimum-Re. We would like to thank these first donors for their generous contributions and for their enthusiasm in supporting this venture, without which this program would not have been possible.
Faculty costs of 1273.92 $ will be added to your tuition fees prescribed to regulation. These fees are subject to change without notice.

In process... Successful completion of the Microprogram in « Insurance medicine & medico-legal expertise » at U de M = Certified Medico-Legal Expert (CMLE)

Successful completion to the 6 exams of the microprogram in "Insurance medicine and medico-legal expertise" at Université de Montréal, totaling 17 credits (255 hours of coursework lectures), entitles you, since 2006 to the CMLE title, or Certified Medico-Legal Expert.

Fall, Winter and Summer sessions - Registration in medico-legal expertise...

Why attend the Insurance medicine and medicolegal program at University of Montreal?
As an orthopaedic surgeon but mostly as a surgeon specialized in shoulder pathologies, I was asked to give expert opinions early on in my practice. Twenty years ago, with the advances of MRI studies and shoulder arthroscopy, our knowledge of shoulder pathologies bloomed.
I learned much in the medicolegal field by speaking with lawyers and other actors of the legal arena. These contacts improved the quality of my reports. So why did I attend the program in 2001, because it was available and mostly because I felt I should obtain a proper training of that specific field. Our residency program does not include medico-legal notions which is quite normal, since it isn’t the goal of the orthopaedic programs. However, if you decide to do independent medical evaluations, you should seek proper training in order to do these evaluations with the right vocabulary and meaning.
In my case, even with my experience doing independent evaluations, I learned much from the program exchanging with others and the various speakers. It improved my comprehension of the field, hence the quality of my reports. Even if you’re an experienced surgeon, you will be surprised how much you can learn from this program. Remember that you are not in your usual comfortable setting like the operating room. You are a player in a legal arena that you may not be familiar with. Clinical experience and scientific knowledge however important may not suffice in preparing your reports or when you testify in court.
That is why I recommend the program in Insurance medicine and medicolegal at University of Montreal, which I’ve completed and followed by a DESS in 2005. I encourage you to sign up to improve your knowledge of that specific field and thus improve the quality of your independent medical evaluations.
Dr. Eric Renaud, M.D. MSc. FRCSC
Do not miss the next registration for the only University web-based curriculum in medico-legal expertise. If you want to join the IME world, or if you already started writing IME reports , do not wait a minute to follow a thorough series of medico-legal lectures; you will then discover all what you ignore, but should know to be a good expert; do not declare yourself an expert, but learn how to be a reliable expert in high demand; do not imitate some of your colleagues, self declared experts, now facing civil lawsuits or suspended for months by their Provincial College for negligence or defamation: they lost all credibility and all chance to pursue their medico-legal career….
Claude Mercier, MD, FRCSC (c)
Director, Program of Insurance Medicine & Medicolegal Expertise/University of Montreal, Faculty of Medicine

Video demonstration

Dr. Francois Sestier Speaking of the competitive advantages of the Medico-Legal & Insurance Medicine Program at University of Montreal

Update March 2015

Insurance medicine and Medico Legal Expertise Program at University of Montrealnbsp;

April 20, 2018 - Dr. Claude Mercier replaces Dr. François Sestier as program director

Since April 20, 2018, Dr. Claude Mercier is the new director of the program of Insurance Medicine and medico-legal expertise.
Dr. François Sestier had been heading this program since January 2000, and retired from this position, remaining a consultant for the program.

IME Microprogram - New Program structure (since November 2011)

Microprogram = 17 credits
From the menu click on « Canadian Medico-Legal Experts and Insurance Medical Officers »

Royal College new rules for Maintenance of competence (MOC)

Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal courses
Where do I record my post-grad Fellowship?
Fellowships can be entered as Section 2: Planned Learning: Fellowship. Usually, a Fellowship is deemed equivalent to 4 courses per year, so you can claim a Fellowship in 25 credit segments, up to a maximum of 100 credits per year. Note: If a portion of the Fellowship occurred prior to your MOC cycle start date, you can earn credits for the portion completed after the start date of your MOC cycle and this would be recorded in 25 credit segments.
Therefore it is important to claim credits for each course individually: 3 hours for MMD6220-A1, 3 hours for MMD6220-A2, and so on…
For the DESS, MMD6228 (13 university credits or 195 hours) CURRENTLY SUSPENDED, unfortunately you cannot validate more than 25 hours for this course. We recommend that you rather claim 2 Royal College credits/hour of "personal learning project under the supervision of a mentor". Click on the "Royal College" link below.


The program has been made possible by a major unrestricted support from Canadian Insurance Companies. We would like to thank these donors for their generous contributions and for their enthusiasm in supporting this venture, without which this program would not have been possible:
Great-West-Life, Manulife Financial, Sunlife Financial, Desjardins Financial security, Atlantic Blue Cross, Optimum-Re

Faculty costs of 1 273.92 $...

Faculty costs of 1 273.92 $ per course will be added to your tuition fees prescribed to regulation. These fees are subject to change without notice.
Please contact our program coordinator, Eva Medalsy at: 1-877-343-7606 for information on the cost of this program.

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Any correspondence you are to receive should be in English...
However, seeing that « University of Montreal » is a Francophone University, there might be some french correspondence that slips through by mistake. If it were the case, fax it to us at 514-343-7074 and we will translate it for you.

U of M - Code of Conduct for Medicolegal Experts


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SUN. December 8, 2019: FALL 2019 Exams

Fall 2019 Session:
Exams Set Date: Sunday, December 8, 2019_from 12 noon until 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

November 17, 2016 - Dr. Michel Lacerte, being awarded the Ron Ellis Award for Excellence

Ron Ellis Award for Excellence in Workers' Compensation Law; Thursday November 17, 2016 ; the Ontario Bar Association's Workers' Compensation Law Section is honoured to present this year's Ron Ellis Award for Excellence in Workers' Compensation Law to Dr. Michel Lacerte. A revered colleague in the medical community and beyond, Dr. Lacerte has become a valuable resource to the Workers' Compensation Bar through his work with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, development of the Workers' Compensation Board Medical Rehabilitation Strategy and the establishment of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators.

October 14, 2016 - New lecture_MMD6225-B14c

New lecture - course MMD6225-B14c : Veterans Review and Appeal board

July 11, 2016_AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment_Online Training Resources

AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment
Online Training and Resources - Open (Free) Access this Week!

21-24 June 2016_IALM Bulletin from Venice, Italy

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I am particularly pleased to invite you to view the Special Issue of the Bulletin of the International Academy of Legal Medicine, entirely dedicated to the Intersocietal Symposium recently held in Venice.
Kind regards and best wishes to you all
S. Davide Ferrara

June 21, 2016, Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation, Quebec

Dr. Sestier has made a presentation on the necessary requirements for a good medical expert to the participants of the course Conducting Independent Medical Exams, held within the 51st congress of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation in Quebec City.

June 2016, Dr. Sestier elected president of CLIMOA, starting June 2017

During it’s last annual scientific meeting, held from June 5th to 8th, CLIMOA members have elected Dr. Sestier to be the next president of the executive committee for the second time, starting June 2017.

May 12, 2016_TAT & TAQ, Montreal QC

Dr. Sestier presented the lecture entitled "An academic curriculum in medico-legal expertise" at the "Permanent education of Quebec administrative judges".

April 13, 2016_CIRA, Montreal QC

Dr. Sestier presented the lecture entitled "IME transparency & pertinence"

January 27, 2016_L'institut Canadien_Montreal QC

Dr. Sestier presented the lecture entitled "Invalidity Insurance claims".

October 1, 2015_Quebec Association of Rheumatologists_Bromont QC

Dr. Sestier prensented a lecture entitled "ABC of insurance compensation"

June 9, 2015_CLIMOA, Quebec City QC

Dr. Sestier presented the lecture entitled "How good is your independent medical examination"

May 25-27, 2015_ISTM_Quebec City QC

Dr. Sestier presented a poster entitled "30 days prediction of a hospital readmission".

May 15, 2015_AQTV_Montreal QC

Dr. Sestier presented the lecture entitled "Is CAD standard after age 60".

May 5, 2015_MLST_Toronto ON

Dr. F. Sestier presented a lecture entitled « Travel Insurance ».

May 3, 2015_Quebec Cardiologists Association_Montreal QC

Dr. F. Sestier presented a lecture entitled, "Medico-Administrative Tasks for the Cardiologist".

May 2, 2015_MSc students in Law & health policy of Univ. of Serbrooke_Longueuil QC

Dr. F. Sestier presented a lecture entitled "Education of medical experts: a University of Montreal program", for the MSc students in Law and Health Policy of the University of Sherbrooke.

April 24, 2015_New Lecture MMD6225-B14 "Evaluating Driver Fitness"

We have recorded on April 24, 2015, an updated lecture on Medical fitness to drive, which might be of interest for you. MMD6225-B14 replaces a lecture recorded in 2006, and takes into account the new CCMTA Canadian guidelines published in August 2013, as well as the eight edition of the CMA driver’s guide, published in 2012.
You should order this updated lecture without any delay.

March 31, 2015_Cyclone Company_Montreal, QC

Dr. F. Sestier guest lecturer at Cyclone, presentation "Progressive erosion of medicolegal experts' immunity in North America".

March 27, 2015_CSME_Toronto ON

At the CSME conference Dr. F. Sestier presented a lecture entitled « Drug abuse and IMEs ».

December 1, 2014_SFME_Paris, France

Dr. F. Sestier was guest lecturer and presented a lecture entitled « La simulation en expertise médico-légale »

November 17, 2014_Optimum Reinsurance_Montreal QC

Annual scientific meeting - North America - Optimum Reinsurance Company
Dr. F. Sestier presented the lecture "Update in Cardiology".

October 21, 2014_Paradigm-HF_Montreal QC

Dr. F. Sestier was guest lecturer at Paradigm-HF and presented a lecture entitled “Un procès marquant dans le traitement de l'insuffisance cardiaque".

October 16, 2014_SEEMLQ_Montreal QC

Dr. F. Sestier was a guest lecturer at SEEMLQ and presented the lecture entitled "Erosion progressive de l'immunité des médecins experts en Amérique du Nord"

October 4, 2014_University of Montreal_Montreal QC

At the conference "Le Medico-Administratif pour les nuls", hel at Université de Montréal, Dr. F. Sestier gave a lecture entitled "Invalidité pour les assurances".

April 30, 2014_CLIMOA_Toronto ON

Dr. F. Sestier was guest lecturer at the CLIMOA Conference and gave a lecture entitled « Fast adjudication of permanent disability ».

April 25, 2014_Bureau en gros symposium_U of M_Montreal QC

Dr. F. Sestier was a guest lecturer at the "Bureau en Gros Symposium", he gave a lecture entitled « Psychiatric disability: Management by Insurance Company »

April 4, 2014_Barreau du Quebec_Montreal QC

Dr. F. Sestier was a guest lecturer at the "Barreau du Québec" gave a lecture entitled « Les limitations fonctionnelles ».

February 26, 2014_IAMLE_Goa, India

Dr. F. Sestier was a guest lecturer at IAMLE, Goa, India he gave a keynote lecture entitled:
"Lawsuits againt medico-legal experts" and lecture on "Sudden death, a cardiology forensic approach".

November 22, 2013_SEEMLQ_Montreal QC

Dr. Sestier was a guest lecturer at the SEEMLQ conference and presented the lecture entitled "ICF personal factors and causation".

October 2013_New Course MMD6238

October 2013, creation of an introductory course to medical expertise, by choosing 14 essential conferences for a medical expert: "Introduction to the field of medico-legal expertise" MMD6238 (3 credits)
For several years, the microprogram 2nd cycle candidates in "Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise" have been demanding an introductory course to "medical expertise" that would be less demanding than the current Microprogram available at the University of Montreal.

Sep. 2013_New Lecture Video: DSM-5

Dr. Montagne, staff psychiatrist in the CHUM, Montreal, and lecturer at the University of Montreal Department of Psychiatry, gathered in this 90 minutes video much of the information he had gathered over the summer of 2013, on the DSM- His review will be of interest not only for the psychiatrist-expert but also for any physician or health professional dealing with psychiatric issues. This a completely new text: new definitions, adoption of the ICF bio-psycho-social model of disability, disappearance of the 5-axis diagnosis, replacement of the GAF by the WHO-DAS-2 questionnaire, new grouping of psychiatric conditions; this video is a good summary of all these changes you need to know without any further delay.

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