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All persons must submit a formal application in accordance with the admission procedure and within the deadlines.
Procedure for the online Application:
IMPORTANT: If you submit an application for a specific trimester you must register for the requested trimester, if not, your student's file will become inactive and you will have to file a new application for the following trimester.
When the application is accepted, U of M sends an offer of admission to the candidate, which is only valid for the term for which it was issued.
June 1: For the Fall trimester
September 1: For the Winter trimester
February 1: For the Summer trimester
As of November 2018, you must upload in PDF format the required documents through the Centre étudiant, make sure they are complete and fully legible. Do not submit photographed documents. You will also use this interface to track the progress of your application.
If you are a new user, your identification code and UNIP (password) will be emailed to you no later than 48 hours following the submission of your application form. Upon receipt, open a session, then click on the “Tasks” tab to access the list of documents to be uploaded.
For more information on the documents to provide, see the Gathering your documents page.
Deadlines to observe: As a general rule, 10 days are allowed for you to send your documents after you have submitted your application. However, deadlines may vary based on the type of document required.
Refer to your To-do list in the Centre étudiant to find the deadlines for each document required for your application. If there is no deadline associated with your required document, click on “Task details” to read the specific instructions. Please respect the deadlines for sending your documents, as all incomplete application files will be closed.
Required format: PDF
To upload your documents, it is important to respect the following requirements:
• PDF format is the only accepted format:= one PDF file per “task”
• Assembly: files assembled in chronological order and paginated in ascending order
• Orientation: consistent with the original (portrait or landscape)
• Document name: fewer than 64 characters
• File size: less than 10 Mb
• Language: documents written in a language other than English or French must be accompanied, in the same PDF file, by a French translation certified by the consulate of the applicant’s country of origin or a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec. See link 7 below.
• Unlocked file : if applicable, remove the password protection from your PDF
Important: The University will refuse all screenshots, photographs or prints of an unofficial document. Ensure the conformity of your documents before sending them. Once your documents are uploaded and saved, you will no longer be able to view or update them.
Certified Official Documents Official documents to submit: All documents must be official, meaning that they must be original documents or true copies certified by an authorized person. Documents will not be considered official if the “certified copy” endorsement is reproduced in a photocopy.
Time limits Please note that it is important to send us your documents within 10 business days of your application submission. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your application.
Mandatory - A copy of the applicant's birth certificate (official document) containing the applicant's family name, all given names, date of birth, sex, and place of birth (city, country), as well as the family and given names of the applicant's parents must be submitted. If you do not have the original document, please attach a copy to the application and send us the original document as soon as possible.
Mandatory - If you were born in a country other than Canada and have acquired Canadian citizenship, you must provide copies of the front and back of your certificate of Canadian citizenship.
Mandatory - If you have acquired permanent resident status, you must provide copies of the front and back of your permanent resident card or of the IMM1000 or IMM5292 form, signed and dated. To prove your status as a Quebec resident, you must submit your Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ) or an official letter from the Quebec Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion attesting that you have been issued a CSQ.
- A certified copy of your faculty marks
- A certified copy of your MD diploma or PhD/DSc diploma (Mandatory)
For more information, you may contact Mrs. Eva Medalsy at: Tel: 1-877-343-7606 or 1-514-343-7606.
Microprogram: Winter2019/21.90 $ | by credit Card only (Visa or Mastercard)
Program change: Winter2019/27.50 $ | by credit Card only (Visa or Mastercard)
Please complete the online "Université de Montréal" (available in French only) Official Application Form (see 2nd link below)
Before you start filling out the form, make sure to download this document (3rd link below)
Deadline for Registration: Winter session: November 1. Summer session: February 1. Fall session: June 1.

Registration Cancellation...

Without Cost and With Cost

Without Cost: If you wish to cancel the course without having to pay the fees related to the course, you must do so before:
*September 18/Fall trimester
*January 21/Winter trimester
*May 12/Summer trimester
With Cost: If you cancel the course after the dates mentioned above, you will have to pay your invoice. You must cancel before:
*October 15/Fall trimester
*February 15/Winter trimester
*June 15/Summer trimester
Otherwise, you will get an F (failure by non-attendance) in your transcripts.
Please contact the Technician in office work coordination, Eva Medalsy at: 1-877-343-7606 for information on the cost of this program

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