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Medico-Legal Experts and Insurance Medical Officers Outside Canada

Medicolegal Experts & Insurance Medical Officers Outside Canada: Admissions to this program are SUSPENDED. It is therefore not possible to apply for admission.

Objectives: The goal of the University Curriculum in Insurance and Expertise Medicine is to give the physicians involved in such activities a formal and thorough training, to allow a better performance in these medico-legal tasks.
Specific objectives:
-The curriculum will make the Health Professional more familiar with the Administrative bodies requesting an independent medical evaluation.
-The Health Professionals involved in such activities will learn how to formulate a well motivated medical opinion.
-The Health Professionals involved in this curriculum will acquire a basic legal knowledge which will help them in theses activities.
-This training will allow the Health Professionals to perform more adequately and professionally in court when appearing as a medical expert.
-This curriculum will allow the physicians to be knowledgeable in all areas of Insurance Medicine which should help them to be more competent in these new tasks.

Microprogram 2-452-6-4: Admissions to this program are SUSPENDED. It is therefore not possible to apply for admission

Structure of the Program: Assessment and will decrease the costs of litigation for Insurance companies and employers.
The Microprogram includes 11 credits: 5 Mandatory credits and 6 Optional credits.
It can be done in 4 trimesters and will give you a certificate of attendance. Yearly given at each trimester: Winter (January), Autumn (September) and Summer (May).
Each course is made of 15, 3 hours lectures for a total of 45 hours of teaching; the program is designed for one formal lecture every week. This will require 3 to 5 hours of work weekly. The formal lectures will be available on the Internet. Didactic material will be available electronically.
A formal multiple choice examination will complete each course and validate the learning process.
The training in insurance and expertise medicine will allow Health Professionals to provide a more independent and well motivated opinion. The teaching will allow a more reliable disability.

How is this curriculum organised?

The first year is introductory and common to medical experts and medical officers of Insurance Companies
The second year is optional:
- Either advanced expertise medicine for the Health Professionals involved mainly in independent medical examinations ;
- Either insurance medicine for Health Professionals working for employers or Insurance Companies.

Who can register ?

Any English speaking health professional can enroll in the curriculum Expertise medicine, can follow the training. A University degree is necessary.

Block A - Mandatory (5 credits)

MMD6230 : Insurance and Expertise Medicine (3 cr.)
MMD6231 : Legal Aspects (2 cr.)

Block B - Optional courses (6 credits)

The student must choose ONE of the following TWO options:
Block B - Option 1 : Insurance Medicine (6 cr.)
MMD6232 : Insurance Medicine (3 cr.)
MMD6233 : Underwriting and Claims Analysis (3 cr.)
Block B - Option 2 : Expertise Medicine (6 cr.)
MMD6234 : Advanced Expertise Medicine - Part 1 (3 cr.)
MMD6235 : Advanced Expertise Medicine - Part 2 (3 cr.)

Recommended Timeline

Block A - Mandatory :
1st Trimester: MMD6230
2nd Trimester: MMD6231
Block B - Option 1: Insurance Medicine
3rd Trimester: MMD6232
4th Trimester: MMD6233
Block B - Option 2 : Expertise Medicine
3rd Trimester: MMD6234
4th Trimester: MMD6235

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