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  • The publications followed by an * may be obtained, with the consent of the author, for the amount of 50 CAD, payable by cheque only, to « University of Montreal/MAE program »
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Dr. Abdel Naslafkih


Dr. Maurice BOSEMBO

D.E.S.S. - Publication: The name followed by * = This excellent work is for sale with the agreement of the author for 50 CAD

Dr. Arthur Ameis* - Physiatrist
Dr. Eric Blackman*, MD, FRCS(C), FAADEP, DESS - Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Benjamin Bordoff*
Mr. Francois Comeault - Legal Advisor
Dr. Antia Daniel* - Family Medicine
Dr. Stephan Du Plessis* - Neurosurgery
Dr. Khal Efala* - Orthopaedics
Dr. Charl Els - Psychiatry
Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles* - Rheumatologist/Specialist Pain Medicine
Mrs. Maria Gardanis* - Automobile Insurance Claims
Dr. Adam Goldfarb* - Chiropractor
Dr. Karina Kowal* - Insurance medicine
Dr. Peter Kerr* - Psychiatrist
Dr. Michel Lacerte* - Physiatrist
Ms. Micheline Lancia (Bennett)*, BHSc. PT, B.P.E. - Physiotherapist
Dr. Brian Levitt*
Dr. Sheldon Levy*
Dr. Leonard Lockman* - Family Physician
Dr. Benjamin Morton* - Chiropractor
Mr. Mark Wigle* - National Director, Business Development

Published articles...

- Published articles by the program members

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